Thursday, July 12, 2012

Handling the storm

Are you going to steal my lunch money? I was shocked at how aggressive people have been about MY decision to go vegan.Not understanding it, sure that makes sense, but to seemingly become angry with me for what I choose to eat seems quite ridiculous.But as usual, I will take these "haters" and use them as fuel for my goals.
       This is an all too familiar theme in my life, as I'm sure many of you can relate.There is something about ambition that makes people nervous, especially unambitious people.I myself may have been less than thrilled when I was overweight, to see others who seemed to make a healthy lifestyle look easy.But in truth, it is not easy at all.It takes a level of drive that many cannot relate to.I am driven, I am determined, but I just cant understand why some people are so scared of MY choices.If I do succeed as a vegan, anyone with even a little medical/dietary knowledge would know that I would be much healthier than my meat eating counterparts.Vegans tend to live longer and have less diseases, such as coronary artery disease  &,diabetes  and the list goes on and on.Why on earth wouldn't people be happy for me?
       I guess I will have to be happy for myself. I rely on actual medical science for my dietary information  instead of good ol' thinking like "well that's just how we've always done it" look around people, the way we've always done it doesn't work.Everywhere u look there is diseases, encroaching on children at earlier and earlier ages.And I have chosen that this will no longer be my life, I will not allow myself to follow many of my peers down this path.But the purpose of this post is not to harp on all the negativity.If theres one thing I have learned it is that there are people like this in every aspect of our lives-the discouragers-the downers-the haters.Instead I want to share with my friends and family some of the things I have learned thus far.From recipes, to statistics, to just some basic facts.I Hope this will inspire others to open their mind to healthier, and dare I say, different ways of living.

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